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Your pathway to becoming an author is now just three clicks away! Our ingenious system deftly assembles ebooks on any subject or style, expertly completed and ready to be launched.

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The eBook Market is Exploding

Come 2024, the e-book industry's value stands at a staggering USD 17.42 billion, with projections to catapult to USD 20.74 billion by 2028. The advent of AI tools like ChatGPT has ignited a substantial surge in the volume of e-books gracing the marketplace.
The Global Ebook Market Size Is Estimated To Be Valued At Approximately USD 17 Billion In 2024

Amazon is by far the largest seller of both physical and e-books, commanding well over half of sales in the United States and, by some estimates, over 83% of the e-book market

AI software is currently setting the market ablaze, with thousands of copies flying off the virtual shelves across various marketplaces. It’s worth taking a moment to observe this trend.

Firstly, our software is powered by AI and ChatGPT, making it one of the most sought-after and advanced solutions available today.

Secondly, you’ll benefit from your very own eBook writer, a tool crafted by one of the industry’s leading software experts.

Some of the most popular eBook genres you can create with iBooksAI include...

Using iBooksAI you can create all these genres in-fact you can create any genre you want. The powerful system will write any type of ebook you want and turn you into a ebook publisher over night.

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No Research

No Building Outlines

No Writing

YOU Can Create A Best Seller In 3 Clicks

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If you’re unfamiliar with the term, ‘lead generation’ refers to the process of attracting potential customers (leads) to your business. And one of the most effective ways to do this is by providing value upfront. This is where eBooks come into play.

Picture this. You have a wealth of knowledge that your potential customers would find invaluable. You package this knowledge into an eBook and offer it for free on your website in exchange for visitors’ contact information. This simple yet powerful strategy allows you to build a list of potential customers who are already interested in what you have to offer, making the job of converting them into paying customers that much easier.

This strategy is not just theory, it’s a tried and tested method employed by successful businesses across the globe. But the stumbling block for most is the process of creating an eBook. It can be a daunting task, involving hours of research, writing, editing, and formatting. That’s where IBOOKSAI comes in.

With IBOOKSAI, you can create quality eBooks in a matter of minutes, not weeks. You just have to provide a few keywords related to your topic and let IBOOKSAI do its magic. Within minutes, you’ll have an eBook ready to serve as a lead magnet, helping you attract potential customers and grow your business.


This business model has been a game-changer for authors, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike, and here’s why.

The print on demand model allows you to print your books only when they are demanded. It eliminates the need for a large upfront investment and the risks associated with stock handling and storage. You get the freedom to focus on what truly matters – creating and selling your books.

But here’s where the real potential of this model shines – the ability to reach a global audience. Print on demand providers such as Amazon’s KDP, Lulu, and IngramSpark give your books an international platform, making them available to millions of potential readers worldwide.

So, how does this connect to IBOOKSAI ? Well, once you’ve created your eBooks using IBOOKSAI , they can be easily converted into print-ready files for these print on demand services. Not only are you selling digital copies of your books, but now you also have the option to cater to readers who prefer a physical copy in their hands.

However, this isn’t just about creating and selling books. Print on demand also allows for the creation of customized merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and posters. This opens up additional revenue streams, helping you maximize your earnings.

But remember, the key to succeeding in print on demand, like any business, lies in offering a quality product. With IBOOKSAI , you can be assured that your eBooks and print books are of high quality, making them more appealing to your potential customers.


Self-publishing is an avenue that has opened doors for countless individuals to tell their stories, share their knowledge, and even create a sustainable source of income. This trend is not just a fleeting phenomenon. In fact, it has been growing at an astonishing pace, and the numbers speak for themselves.

Now, imagine having a tool that could accelerate your journey in this exciting industry. That’s where IBOOKSAI comes in. 

With IBOOKSAI, we’ve streamlined the eBook creation process, giving you a powerful tool that makes self-publishing not only achievable but also remarkably easy.

With just a few clicks, you can create a high-quality eBook ready to be published. We’re here to help you tap into this billion-dollar industry and claim your piece of the pie. 

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